Dual Credit

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About the program

Lee College is committed to serving the students and communities of the Gulf Coast region through collaborative work with school districts in the Lee College service area. The Lee College Dual Enrollment Program is a major initiative in promoting a college-going and a college graduation culture. The program hosts both Dual Credit and Concurrent Enrollment opportunities.

Dual Credit is a system whereby an eligible high school student enrolls in one or more college courses and receives credit for the course(s) from both the college and the high school. The college course(s), academic or career/technical, apply toward high school graduation and a college degree or certificate. Dual Credit students pay a reduced tuition and fee rate of $125 per course, per semester.

Concurrent Enrollment is a system whereby a student enrolls in more than one educational institution (including a high school and public institution of higher education). Concurrent Enrollment students earn course credit from each distinct educational institution and is not dual credit. Concurrent Enrollment students are subject to the full cost of tuition and fees.

All students in the Dual Enrollment Program must satisfy Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements and/or prerequisites requirements for all college level courses. Unlike other admission, Dual Enrollment students are not required to show college readiness in all three areas (reading, writing, and math), but only for the course(s) they wish to take. For example, students taking English will only need to show college readiness in reading and writing, since no math score is required for the class. Therefore, students will qualify for this class by either 1) meeting the EOC exemption standard, or 2) taking the reading and writing portions of the TSI and making the necessary score.

Visit the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board website for more information on dual credit.