Instrumentation Technology

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An Instrumentation Technology Associate of Applied Science degree program prepares graduates for entry-level careers as Instrument Technicians in the chemical processing industry. Through the use of state of the art simulation equipment, as well as hands-on applied technology training and general academic coursework, the student will develop the skills required to be a successful Instrument Technician.

Instrumentation technicians install, test, calibrate and perform general maintenance on some of the most sophisticated, extremely precise measuring and monitoring equipment in the world.

Most instrument technicians become certified at a national standard. Students learn to read, analyze, and produce electronic drafting documents.

What Will I Learn?

Lee College gives students state of the art hands-on training throughout the Instrumentation Technology program. Graduates will be proficient in calibration, troubleshooting, and maintenance of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and electronic control devices. They will also be able to function in the electrical maintenance and electrical distribution-related occupations, as well as have introductory-level knowledge of automation systems and designing, programming, and troubleshooting programmable logic controllers.

What Can I Do with This Course of Study?
AAS: Instrumentation Technology
IR1: Certificate of Completion — Instrumentation Technology