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Getting started can feel overwhelming. We get it. That is why Lee College and American Home Inspectors Training (AHIT) are here to lend a hand and offer professional guidance every step of the way. Since 1993, AHIT has helped over 50,000 people like you become professional home inspectors. They take their reputation as being the leader in home inspection training seriously.

Getting Started is Easy

While the requirements to become a home inspector vary by state, the process is generally the same. Use this step-by-step guide to get your home inspection career started today!

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Step 1 — Understand Your State’s Regulations

AHIT can help you start your home inspection career in 48 states. View current home inspection certification requirements in Texas.

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Step 2 — Choose School for Your Pre-Licensing Requirements

Consider the school’s history, number of years in operation, state approvals, and number of alumni to feel confident in your selection.

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Step 3 — Take Your Pre-Licensing Course

Complete the pre-licensing training required in Texas and feel confident in your skills before entering the field.

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Step 4 — Take Your State’s Home Inspection Licensing Exam

Soon after completing your pre-licensing course—while it’s still fresh—schedule your home inspection license exam.

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Step 5 — Complete the State Application to Get Your License

Follow your state’s process for submitting all necessary information on your home inspector application.

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Once all steps are complete and your application is approved, you are a licensed home inspection professional! Texas requires 16 hours annually in continuing education. Let us help you get registered for your continuing education courses by filling out the Request information form.

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