Real Estate Sales Agent State Requirements

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Texas State Requirement Details for Real Estate Pre-Licensing

Please Note: A criminal conviction may affect a student's ability to become licensed. If a student has committed criminal offenses, has unpaid judgments, etc., the student may request a Moral Character Determination (MCD) from TREC prior to filing an application. This step may save time in pursuing a license if the student does not satisfy TREC’s qualifications for honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity. See TREC's Moral Character Determination page for more information.

Hours required: 180 hours

  • 30 hours in Principles of Real Estate I
  • 30 hours in Principles of Real Estate II
  • 30 hours in Law of Agency
  • 30 hours in Law of Contracts
  • 30 hours in Real Estate Finance
  • 30 hours in Promulgated Contract Forms

Application Status Tracker: The Texas Real Estate Commission has launched a new application status tracker.  This new tool is an easy way for anyone to track the status of initial applications, reducing delays and confusion about what comes next. You can track your status here.

Qualifying Provider Approval Number: 701046

Please Note: a criminal conviction may affect a student's ability to become licensed.

Pre-Licensing Final Exams: Final exams must be passed with a minimum of 70%.  Within 90 days of the original examination, a student may retest after a failed exam a maximum of one time. Otherwise, students failing the end-of-course examination must repeat the course prior to being eligible to take the end-of-course examination again. You must take each final in the presence of a proctor. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with a proctor in advance. Find out more about our online proctoring here.

Course Completions: Students must participate in each course for the number of hours of credit awarded and daily course segments cannot exceed 12 hours. A 30-hour qualifying course cannot be started and completed in less than 3 days and starting and completing more than one qualifying course within the same 3 days is also not permitted.

Reporting: The state does not require schools to report qualifying course completions. Students will submit their certificate of completion with their license application.

Expiration Date of Course: The CE Shop’s Pre-Licensing courses expire six months after the date of purchase. Each student will be granted a one-month extension at no charge, to be applied immediately after the initial six-month term. For any reactivation or extension of the course after the seventh month, The CE Shop will charge the student 20% of the current retail price of the course for each 30-day extension or partial 30-day extension in the event that the course finally terminates before the end of the final 30-day extension. Students may also elect to re-enroll for 50% of the current retail price of the course, if the course has hit the year expiration or the student is at the 7 month mark and wants to repurchase and restart the course and enrollment. Extensions or reactivations cannot be granted beyond 12 months from the purchase of the course since, in all events, the course terminates 12 months after purchase.

Certificates: Once The CE Shop has received the signed affidavit, your certificate of course completion will become available to download (and via email). The CE Shop will provide students with an electronic Certificate of Completion, upon completion of the course. Certificates will remain in your account for a minimum of five years, should you need additional copies. Please refer to your license application to determine if you need to submit your Certificate of Completion with your license request. Course completion dates are recorded using Central Standard Time. Please note that the date of your Certificate of Completion will reflect this.